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Federal rule tries to curb fatigue among truckers

Have you ever been concerned about the long, lonely hours that a commercial truck driver spends on the road and how tired they can become when behind the wheel? If so, you are far from alone as many Kentucky residents share this very understandable concern. Fatigue can be a problem for truckers and that is precisely why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed very detailed guidelines about when drivers should take breaks and how long they can drive without such breaks.

Wrong-way semi hits vehicle, kills three

Ohio residents should be able to get in their vehicles with their family members and trust that other drivers will operate their vehicles safely and respectfully. While much of the time, this does happen, it is sadly not the experience in all instances. When even just one driver makes a decision that may be dangerous, it can put many other people in harm's way. If an accident happens, it is not just the people who are immediately involved that are affected but their friends, family members and others in the community as well.

Harrowing truck accident produces only minor injuries

The semi trucks and tractor trailers that one sees driving in and around Shepardsville may inspire feelings of intrepidation in other drivers on the road around them. This is likely due to both their massive size and the loads that they carry. People may hear stories of trucks losing their cargo all across the road and causing a hazard for other vehicles, which may prompt them to keep a safe distance away when they see these rigs on the road.

Commercial trucks can cause lasting damage

An accident with a commercial vehicle can have devastating consequences. This is mainly due to the size and weight of these vehicles. Most passenger vehicles are only a fraction of the size of heavy-duty commercial trucks. Even smaller commercial vehicles, such as delivery vans and work trucks, can cause serious damage when they are involved in an accident.

Semis and loose cargo

Every driver has encountered debris in the road. Sometimes it’s from natural causes, like a downed tree branch or an object blowing in the wind, but many times those loose objects in the road are the result of human error. Accidents between trucks and smaller vehicles are a threat to commuters by simple physics, but improperly secured cargo falling off a semi trailer is an added danger on the road.