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Pot use may increase accident risk

Kentucky residents know that it is not legal for people to use marijuana for recreational purposes in their state. However, they also know that this does not necessarily prevent everyone from using the drug. Many people who may want pot to be legalize might assert that it is relatively harmless. But, how harmless can an increase in vehicle accidents really be? An increase in claims is exactly what one research group found in states after pot was legalized for recreational use.

Kentucky road fatalities up fourth year running

As distracted driving becomes more of an issue across the country, drivers in Kentucky can also stand to focus more on the road. The State Journal reports that in Kentucky fatalities on the road went up for the fourth year in a row. The data provided by the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and Kentucky State Police states that between 2015 and 2016 auto-related deaths rose 9.2 percent, and of all of the deaths on roadways this year, nearly a quarter of them were due to distracted driving, although it does not state which were related directly to smartphone usage.

Repeat drunk driver causes new crash, injures child

Kentucky residents may frequently hear about how dangerous drunk driving is and the various penalties that a person may face if convicted of a drunk driving offense. These laws are in place to protect the community and help to prevent a repeated pattern of bad behaviors that put innocent people at risk. Sadly, these laws seem to have not done their job so well in the case of one man lately.

Are automakers ready to deal with hackers?

If you are in the market for a new car and are impressed with the latest technology offerings, you will be pleasantly surprised with what is currently available. From Bluetooth entertainment centers that allow us to control our phones with a push of a button, to sensors that scan the area surrounding the vehicle for unseen hazards, a number of technological advancements make cars safer.

5 key steps to take after a car accident

Those who have been involved in a car accident in the past is well aware of the challenges this can bring to their life. Conversely, if you have yet to find yourself in this position, you may not fully realize what you should and should not do if the time comes.

Employees can stay safe at work behind the wheel

Dealing with a car accident or workers' compensation claim are difficult moments in life, but what happens when the two occur at the same time? As the number one cause of workplace fatalities, car accidents while on the job are the top work-related injury concern for both employers and employees.

How to handle insurance companies after a car crash

Many people do not realize that their insurance companies are not really on their side. They are a for-profit business that wants to pay as little as possible. You should report when you have been in an accident but how you handle interactions with them could affect you later. Here are some important tips for dealing with insurers: