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Pot use may increase accident risk

Kentucky residents know that it is not legal for people to use marijuana for recreational purposes in their state. However, they also know that this does not necessarily prevent everyone from using the drug. Many people who may want pot to be legalize might assert that it is relatively harmless. But, how harmless can an increase in vehicle accidents really be? An increase in claims is exactly what one research group found in states after pot was legalized for recreational use.

Accident claim records from Washington, Colorado and Oregon were evaluated by the Highway Loss Data Institute over the period of almost five years, starting in January 2012 and lasting through to October 2016. In 2014, both Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana and Oregon followed suit the next year. The study therefore included records from both the pre-legal pot and the post-legal pot dates in these three states. After the legalization, insurance claims for accidents rose 2.7 percent.

Whether legal or not, it appears that driving while under the influence of pot may not be such a good idea. In fact, it not only puts the drivers who make such a choice in harm's way but countless other people as well.

If a person in Kentucky is involved in a vehicle crash in which a suspected drugged driver may have been a factor, talking with an attorney may help people to learn about their options for compensation and justice.

Source:, "Insurance study ties legal pot to boost in car crash claims," Solomon Banda, June 21, 2017

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