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Online buying means more risk of delivery vehicle accidents

In the last two decades, the way Americans shop has changed dramatically. Not so long ago, people were at the mercy of local stores for everything they wanted or needed. If there wasn't an upscale clothing shop nearby, you had to drive to another city or go without. If there was a book you wanted that the local library or the bookstore wouldn't special order for you, you couldn't read it.

These days, those issues are a thing of the past. You can buy just about anything you want with only a few seconds of effort. Online sales have become one of the most lucrative forms of business in modern times.

More than 8 percent of domestic purchases are now online. There is a downside to this electronic sales boom. The more things that people buy online, the more delivery vehicles are on the road. At one time, package delivery companies rarely expanded routes and only hired those with pristine driving records. These days, with so much demand, there is a lot more hiring going on, which can mean more risk to other drivers. With more delivery vehicles on the road and more stops, there are more opportunities for serious accidents. Large delivery vehicles can cause serious injuries to you and your passengers.

Delivery drivers make mistakes, too

Professional drivers may be good at what they do, but that doesn't mean they're infallible. Delivery drivers could fail to check a blind spot or not notice when a vehicle in front of them has stopped. When that happens, the people in the smaller vehicle could be at risk of serious injuries.

Many delivery vehicles are large and heavy, giving them the potential to cause serious damage. When delivery drivers make mistakes, other people on the road may end up paying the price for those lapses in judgment.

You could easily suffer serious injuries if a delivery driver causes a crash with your vehicle. Although fatal accidents with big vehicles have decreased recently, the potential is still there for injury. Spinal injuries, head injuries and broken bones could all result from a serious crash.

That means medical bills and lost wages while you recover. In some cases, injuries from these kinds of accidents could leave you permanently disabled and unable to return to work or fully care for yourself. In that kind of situation, you may need legal help to obtain the compensation you need.

Working with an attorney can help with a positive outcome

Instead of hoping that the delivery company or the insurance company for the vehicle will do the right thing, you should speak with an experienced Kentucky personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can help you explore your options, review settlement offers and even file a civil lawsuit if appropriate. Working with a lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve after an accident with a delivery vehicle.

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