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Fatal accident first of three at one intersection

Kentucky residents who regularly drive certain routes know that there are some streets or intersections that seem more dangerous to them than others. They may make this distinction because of near misses or actual accidents that they themselves have been in or perhaps due to incidents they have witnessed. While it may be true that some locations may experience more accidents than others, the reality is that a crash can happen anywhere at any time.

One particular intersection in Lexington may well start to develop a reputation for being particularly dangerous after it was the location of three separate wrecks in less than 48 hours. The first accident that happened at the corner of Woodland Avenue and East Maxwell Street certainly would be considered the most severe as it resulted in the death of one person. The man who died was 23 years old and may well have caused the accident as his truck reportedly ran into a car that was at a stop for a red light. Authorities believe impairment may have been a factor in the crash.

After that, two cars collided, sending one through a window into a retail store. The incident happened early in the evening when store personnel were preparing to close for the day. The third accident also involved two cars and resulted in two people being injured.

Kentucky residents who are involved in accidents at any location might want to reach out to a lawyer to learn how they may seek compensation for their injuries or damages.

Source: Lexington Herald Leader, "Corner of Maxwell, Woodland scene of 3 accidents within 33 hours," Fernando Alfonso III, June 8, 2017

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