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June 2017 Archives

DUI charges in Kentucky can cost you money and your freedom

Getting charged with driving while under the influence of intoxicants (DUI) in Kentucky can completely change your life. One moment you're happily on your way home and the next, you're getting shoved into the back seat of a police cruiser. It's easy to panic in this kind of situation, but staying calm is in your best interest. So is knowing and standing up for your own rights.

Pot use may increase accident risk

Kentucky residents know that it is not legal for people to use marijuana for recreational purposes in their state. However, they also know that this does not necessarily prevent everyone from using the drug. Many people who may want pot to be legalize might assert that it is relatively harmless. But, how harmless can an increase in vehicle accidents really be? An increase in claims is exactly what one research group found in states after pot was legalized for recreational use.

Federal rule tries to curb fatigue among truckers

Have you ever been concerned about the long, lonely hours that a commercial truck driver spends on the road and how tired they can become when behind the wheel? If so, you are far from alone as many Kentucky residents share this very understandable concern. Fatigue can be a problem for truckers and that is precisely why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed very detailed guidelines about when drivers should take breaks and how long they can drive without such breaks.

Fatal accident first of three at one intersection

Kentucky residents who regularly drive certain routes know that there are some streets or intersections that seem more dangerous to them than others. They may make this distinction because of near misses or actual accidents that they themselves have been in or perhaps due to incidents they have witnessed. While it may be true that some locations may experience more accidents than others, the reality is that a crash can happen anywhere at any time.

Reacting to accidents on the freeway

If there were one place that most everyone Shepardsville would likely agree to be the worst place to be involved in an accident, it may the freeway. On city roads, traffic is usually traveling at a slow enough pace so as to easily avoid a collision site. Interstates, on the other hand, tend to have high traffic volumes with nowhere else to go. Indeed, information shared by the U.S. Department of Transportation shows that drivers traveled a collective 20.4 billion miles on Tennessee’s interstates in 2011.

Assigning vicarious liability in bus accidents

Most motorists in Shepardsville likely understand the need to share the road with buses, while bus passengers no doubt appreciate the commuting option that such vehicles offer. However, like all large commercial vehicles, buses can present an increased risk of causing extensive damage along with devastating injuries should such vehicles ever be involved in an accident.

Online buying means more risk of delivery vehicle accidents

In the last two decades, the way Americans shop has changed dramatically. Not so long ago, people were at the mercy of local stores for everything they wanted or needed. If there wasn't an upscale clothing shop nearby, you had to drive to another city or go without. If there was a book you wanted that the local library or the bookstore wouldn't special order for you, you couldn't read it.