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Harrowing truck accident produces only minor injuries

The semi trucks and tractor trailers that one sees driving in and around Shepardsville may inspire feelings of intrepidation in other drivers on the road around them. This is likely due to both their massive size and the loads that they carry. People may hear stories of trucks losing their cargo all across the road and causing a hazard for other vehicles, which may prompt them to keep a safe distance away when they see these rigs on the road.

One can only imagine how much more fear may be inspired by people seeing not a truck’s load falling onto the road, but rather the truck itself. Yet that’s just what motorists in Michigan witnessed when a semi truck fell off a commuter bridge. According to reports, the truck struck two other vehicles that were also crossing the bridge, which then pushed it over the side. The driver of the truck claimed he lost control of the vehicle after he encountered what he thought to be patch of ice. Law enforcement officers, however, state that the temperature at the time of the accident would not have produced ice. An investigation into the accident is still ongoing.

Miraculously, those involved in the collision only sustained minor injuries. However, similar collisions often produce catastrophic results. Those fortunate enough to survive such accidents may be left with injury and rehabilitation expenses that go far beyond what insurance may be willing to pay. In such cases, these people may be left with little choice but to pursue compensation from the trucker involved as well as his or her employer (if the situation dictates it). Securing such compensation may be much easier if one has the assistance of an experienced attorney to rely on.

Source: CBS Detroit “Truck Driver Survives After Semi Falls Off I-75 Rouge River Bridge” May 04, 2017

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