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May 2017 Archives

Wrong-way semi hits vehicle, kills three

Ohio residents should be able to get in their vehicles with their family members and trust that other drivers will operate their vehicles safely and respectfully. While much of the time, this does happen, it is sadly not the experience in all instances. When even just one driver makes a decision that may be dangerous, it can put many other people in harm's way. If an accident happens, it is not just the people who are immediately involved that are affected but their friends, family members and others in the community as well.

Kentucky road fatalities up fourth year running

As distracted driving becomes more of an issue across the country, drivers in Kentucky can also stand to focus more on the road. The State Journal reports that in Kentucky fatalities on the road went up for the fourth year in a row. The data provided by the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and Kentucky State Police states that between 2015 and 2016 auto-related deaths rose 9.2 percent, and of all of the deaths on roadways this year, nearly a quarter of them were due to distracted driving, although it does not state which were related directly to smartphone usage.

Kentucky highway fatalities rose in 2016

Highways in Kentucky were more dangerous in 2016, according to WCPO, with an increase of 9.6 percent in fatalities over 2015. These numbers come from the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and the Kentucky State Police, who tallied the number of highway deaths in 2016 at 834, which is 73 more than were recorded in 2015. More than half of the deaths we in crashes where the deceased was not wearing a seatbelt. Motorcyclists were 90 of the fatalities, with 60 percent of those riders not wearing helmets.

Harrowing truck accident produces only minor injuries

The semi trucks and tractor trailers that one sees driving in and around Shepardsville may inspire feelings of intrepidation in other drivers on the road around them. This is likely due to both their massive size and the loads that they carry. People may hear stories of trucks losing their cargo all across the road and causing a hazard for other vehicles, which may prompt them to keep a safe distance away when they see these rigs on the road.