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Tips on safe highway driving

Drivers on Kentucky highways know that safety is of paramount importance. Accordingly, knowing the proper steps to take when driving on highways is crucial. Safe highway driving is imperative to protect all those who share they road, whether are driving a small passenger vehicle or are at the helm of an oversized commercial truck.

According to, drivers are urged to maintain a safe speed at all times when taking to the highway. In some cases, it can actually be a good idea to decrease your speed, especially during inclement weather. Snow and ice can greatly impact road conditions, and even if traveling at the agreed upon speed limit bad weather can still pose quite a threat. All other times it’s recommended that motorists maintain the posted speed limit to keep themselves and others safe.

A driver’s condition behind the wheel can also play a role in safe highway driving. When traveling long distances, motorists should take frequent rest breaks to ensure they are not driving while fatigued. Additionally, getting enough sleep is extremely important to keep driver fatigue at bay, which may necessitate an overnight stop at a motel or hotel to regain composure.

The AARP also warns drivers to be careful when merging onto busy highways. It’s never a good idea to come to a full stop when merging onto the highway, as it can be difficult to get the right momentum again to safely ease into traffic. Instead, drivers should maintain a safe and reasonable speed for the situation, while clearly signaling their intentions. Remaining alert is also essential, as being alert and aware will help identify a safe merge point while also calling attention to any possible issues.

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