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Repeat drunk driver causes new crash, injures child

Kentucky residents may frequently hear about how dangerous drunk driving is and the various penalties that a person may face if convicted of a drunk driving offense. These laws are in place to protect the community and help to prevent a repeated pattern of bad behaviors that put innocent people at risk. Sadly, these laws seem to have not done their job so well in the case of one man lately.

Reports indicate that within the span of just a few weeks, a man who had not had a valid driver's license for three years was arrested for and charged with three separate driving under the influence charges. The most recent of those also involved an accident. It was for this charge that the man was out of jail when he caused yet another accident while impaired. This time, a child was injured and required to be taken to a children's hospital for treatment.

It is not known what the man's blood alcohol content was at the time nor exactly how the accident happened. All that is known is that the crash occured on a weekday evening and resulted in the defendant's car being upside down. After initially running from the scene of the crash, the defendant was apprehended and is now in Louisville Metro Corrections. His bond is set at $10,000.

When drunk drivers cause accidents that leave other people in Kentucky injured, talking with a lawyer may provide insight into how to best seek compensation and justice.

Source:, "POLICE: Suspect arrested after DUI crash sends child to Norton Children's Hospital," April 12, 2017

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