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Deadly string of accidents for Louisville pedestrians

As spring is now in full season, more people are apt to be out and about on foot in Kentucky to enjoy the mild weather and longer days. Sadly, in addition to enjoying walking or running, pedestrians must be continually aware of the risk of being hit by drivers who may not be paying attention or who may be driving recklessly.

In the span of about a week and a half, three pedestrians have died in the greater Louisville area in separate incidents. The third of those pedestrians was a woman reported to be in her mid thirties. She is believed to have been killed by a driver who fled the scene of the crash. A witness is said to have seen what may well have been the driver who hit and killed the woman.

A driver was seen outside of his vehicle looking at the vehicle that had a cracked front windshield. An airbag was also noticed to have been deployed. Then, that driver got back in the car and left. The body of the pedestrian was found around 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. It is not known if the witness was able to get the vehicle license plate number and if the driver has yet been located.

After a crash whether as a pedestrian, motorist or passenger, Kentucky residents may find talking to an attorney helpful to learn how they might be able to be compensated for their injuries.

Source:, "UPDATE: LMPD releases vehicle description after pedestrian hit and killed," April 22, 2017

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