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April 2017 Archives

Commercial trucks can cause lasting damage

An accident with a commercial vehicle can have devastating consequences. This is mainly due to the size and weight of these vehicles. Most passenger vehicles are only a fraction of the size of heavy-duty commercial trucks. Even smaller commercial vehicles, such as delivery vans and work trucks, can cause serious damage when they are involved in an accident.

Deadly string of accidents for Louisville pedestrians

As spring is now in full season, more people are apt to be out and about on foot in Kentucky to enjoy the mild weather and longer days. Sadly, in addition to enjoying walking or running, pedestrians must be continually aware of the risk of being hit by drivers who may not be paying attention or who may be driving recklessly.

Repeat drunk driver causes new crash, injures child

Kentucky residents may frequently hear about how dangerous drunk driving is and the various penalties that a person may face if convicted of a drunk driving offense. These laws are in place to protect the community and help to prevent a repeated pattern of bad behaviors that put innocent people at risk. Sadly, these laws seem to have not done their job so well in the case of one man lately.

Tips on safe highway driving

Drivers on Kentucky highways know that safety is of paramount importance. Accordingly, knowing the proper steps to take when driving on highways is crucial. Safe highway driving is imperative to protect all those who share they road, whether are driving a small passenger vehicle or are at the helm of an oversized commercial truck.

Are automakers ready to deal with hackers?

If you are in the market for a new car and are impressed with the latest technology offerings, you will be pleasantly surprised with what is currently available. From Bluetooth entertainment centers that allow us to control our phones with a push of a button, to sensors that scan the area surrounding the vehicle for unseen hazards, a number of technological advancements make cars safer.

5 key steps to take after a car accident

Those who have been involved in a car accident in the past is well aware of the challenges this can bring to their life. Conversely, if you have yet to find yourself in this position, you may not fully realize what you should and should not do if the time comes.