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Wrong-way semi hits vehicle, kills three

Ohio residents should be able to get in their vehicles with their family members and trust that other drivers will operate their vehicles safely and respectfully. While much of the time, this does happen, it is sadly not the experience in all instances. When even just one driver makes a decision that may be dangerous, it can put many other people in harm's way. If an accident happens, it is not just the people who are immediately involved that are affected but their friends, family members and others in the community as well.

Such is the case in a recent incident that took place on a weekday morning along a stress of the Bluegrass Parkway. A semi truck was reportedly travelling the wrong way on the parkway. At the same time, a vehicle carrying two young girls and their grandmother and grandfather were travelling in the correct direction. Unfortunately their path was leading them into direct contact with the wrong-way truck.

Kentucky road fatalities up fourth year running

As distracted driving becomes more of an issue across the country, drivers in Kentucky can also stand to focus more on the road. The State Journal reports that in Kentucky fatalities on the road went up for the fourth year in a row. The data provided by the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and Kentucky State Police states that between 2015 and 2016 auto-related deaths rose 9.2 percent, and of all of the deaths on roadways this year, nearly a quarter of them were due to distracted driving, although it does not state which were related directly to smartphone usage.

Using smartphones while driving can have very dire consequences, and reports state that 11 teens die each day due to distracted driving because of smartphones. Experts say that texting while driving is worse than driving under the influence--the likelihood of an accident is six times more when the driver is texting. It is also illegal. Kentucky minors are not allowed to use their cell phones at all while driving, even in hands-free mode, and texting while driving is against the law for everyone.

Kentucky highway fatalities rose in 2016

Highways in Kentucky were more dangerous in 2016, according to WCPO, with an increase of 9.6 percent in fatalities over 2015. These numbers come from the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and the Kentucky State Police, who tallied the number of highway deaths in 2016 at 834, which is 73 more than were recorded in 2015. More than half of the deaths we in crashes where the deceased was not wearing a seatbelt. Motorcyclists were 90 of the fatalities, with 60 percent of those riders not wearing helmets.

Impaired or distracted driving accounted for nearly 40 percent of the deaths, with alcohol-related crashes causing 16.8 percent of fatalities and distracted driving accounting for 23 percent of the deaths. Speeding or other aggressive driving were involved in more than 36 percent of the fatalities on Kentucky highways.

Harrowing truck accident produces only minor injuries

The semi trucks and tractor trailers that one sees driving in and around Shepardsville may inspire feelings of intrepidation in other drivers on the road around them. This is likely due to both their massive size and the loads that they carry. People may hear stories of trucks losing their cargo all across the road and causing a hazard for other vehicles, which may prompt them to keep a safe distance away when they see these rigs on the road.

One can only imagine how much more fear may be inspired by people seeing not a truck’s load falling onto the road, but rather the truck itself. Yet that’s just what motorists in Michigan witnessed when a semi truck fell off a commuter bridge. According to reports, the truck struck two other vehicles that were also crossing the bridge, which then pushed it over the side. The driver of the truck claimed he lost control of the vehicle after he encountered what he thought to be patch of ice. Law enforcement officers, however, state that the temperature at the time of the accident would not have produced ice. An investigation into the accident is still ongoing.

Commercial trucks can cause lasting damage

An accident with a commercial vehicle can have devastating consequences. This is mainly due to the size and weight of these vehicles. Most passenger vehicles are only a fraction of the size of heavy-duty commercial trucks. Even smaller commercial vehicles, such as delivery vans and work trucks, can cause serious damage when they are involved in an accident.

After an accident with one of these vehicles, it can be very difficult to cope with the consequences. Victims often suffer from catastrophic injuries, permanent disabilities and possibly even the death of a loved one.

If you have been the victim of a commercial truck accident, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries or loss. A personal injury attorney in the Shepherdsville area can help you take appropriate legal action so that you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Deadly string of accidents for Louisville pedestrians

As spring is now in full season, more people are apt to be out and about on foot in Kentucky to enjoy the mild weather and longer days. Sadly, in addition to enjoying walking or running, pedestrians must be continually aware of the risk of being hit by drivers who may not be paying attention or who may be driving recklessly.

In the span of about a week and a half, three pedestrians have died in the greater Louisville area in separate incidents. The third of those pedestrians was a woman reported to be in her mid thirties. She is believed to have been killed by a driver who fled the scene of the crash. A witness is said to have seen what may well have been the driver who hit and killed the woman.

Repeat drunk driver causes new crash, injures child

Kentucky residents may frequently hear about how dangerous drunk driving is and the various penalties that a person may face if convicted of a drunk driving offense. These laws are in place to protect the community and help to prevent a repeated pattern of bad behaviors that put innocent people at risk. Sadly, these laws seem to have not done their job so well in the case of one man lately.

Reports indicate that within the span of just a few weeks, a man who had not had a valid driver's license for three years was arrested for and charged with three separate driving under the influence charges. The most recent of those also involved an accident. It was for this charge that the man was out of jail when he caused yet another accident while impaired. This time, a child was injured and required to be taken to a children's hospital for treatment.

Tips on safe highway driving

Drivers on Kentucky highways know that safety is of paramount importance. Accordingly, knowing the proper steps to take when driving on highways is crucial. Safe highway driving is imperative to protect all those who share they road, whether are driving a small passenger vehicle or are at the helm of an oversized commercial truck.

According to, drivers are urged to maintain a safe speed at all times when taking to the highway. In some cases, it can actually be a good idea to decrease your speed, especially during inclement weather. Snow and ice can greatly impact road conditions, and even if traveling at the agreed upon speed limit bad weather can still pose quite a threat. All other times it’s recommended that motorists maintain the posted speed limit to keep themselves and others safe.

Are automakers ready to deal with hackers?

If you are in the market for a new car and are impressed with the latest technology offerings, you will be pleasantly surprised with what is currently available. From Bluetooth entertainment centers that allow us to control our phones with a push of a button, to sensors that scan the area surrounding the vehicle for unseen hazards, a number of technological advancements make cars safer.

 However, the potential for them to be compromised still exists. Simply put, unauthorized access to a vehicle’s systems is becoming a real problem that many automakers may not be prepared to deal with. 

5 key steps to take after a car accident

Those who have been involved in a car accident in the past is well aware of the challenges this can bring to their life. Conversely, if you have yet to find yourself in this position, you may not fully realize what you should and should not do if the time comes.

Generally speaking, there are five key steps to take after a car accident: